Tips, Quips and Controversy 


This page is a collection of miscellaneous opinions, which mostly result from conversations and friendly disputes with other cruisers. We apologise if one of the major themes appears to be skepticism of some modern developments in cruising technology. We are actually very much in favour of the use of effective modern technology. 


Sails and Rig

Full-length battens (1/07)

Halyards in the cockpit (1/07)

What's with the bowsprits (1/07)

Slutter versus cutter rigs (1/07)

Anchoring and Mooring

Have a 'cuppa' method of anchor-setting (1/07)

Warp reels and flaking long ropes (1/07)

Tying to trees ashore (1/07)

The new Bahamian Moor (1/07)

Tandem Anchoring - Just how does it work? (1/07)


Watch-standing (1/07)

Personal safety (soon)


Keeping water out of the engine (1/07)

Propellers (1/07)

Personal Comfort

Keeping your backside comfy (1/07)

Fresh water (1/07)

Cabin tables (1/07)

Stores and Food (soon)


Spares and Tools (soon)


Maintenance (soon)



Just Another Kind of Tourist


Fit for Passage-Making



How much does it cost? (1/07)

Superlatives - our bests and worsts of world cruising (1/07)